Ever since I can remember I’ve loved making clothes. Growing up I was fizzing with creative energy so I created these amazing outfits. They always caused a stir, (in a good way…promise) even to this day, I am still fond of a tiered skirt with rick rack stitching. I wore it to death… I still have it in my attic… for posterity. 

“Its not about money, its how you put it together”

In 2014, I became frustrated by fashion. I wanted the perfect cashmere jumper, but could only find boring, expensive and unflattering styles. I was stuck. Until I saw something… One day, there was a woman wearing a plain jumper with a tiny little rainbow embroidered on it. That rainbow ignited something inside me and I wondered, “what if the rainbow went all the way across the front?” The rest, as they say, is history… that rainbow jumper was my first professional design.

“Less is more, but with a twist”

Being half French, half British, you won’t be surprised to hear that my French mother was always impeccably well coordinated, she had an innate sense of style that I hope has rubbed off on me too. When designing my approach is always less is more, but with a twist… I constantly find myself torn between elegance and quirkiness. My French side yearns for simplicity and elegance, but my British side craves the unexpected. That’s why every piece of luxury cashmere clothing I design has a detail, be it a lurex thread, sequins, metallic, leather or a pop of colour! I want it to be the item that makes people take a second look… stop you in the street… ask where it's from.

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